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Is it high time that audience as well as industry alike starts respecting 100 crore earners? Last year when there were a record number of centuries being scored starting from ‘Agneepath’ (January) to ‘Dabangg 2′ (December), many started commenting around this hardly being a phenomenon and just the beginning of a phase that was here to stay. It started seeming to many that there was a formula that just about anyone and everyone could bring in and gain a 100 crore success out of that.
Well, as 2013 so far has shown, one couldn’t have been more wrong. With scarcity of films that have come even close to the 100 crore mark, leave aside crossing it, it is crystal clear that a lot goes into making a 100 crore film than just a A-list cast, 2500+ screens release, massive hype and promotion.